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Softscape elements can include living features such as grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers (also known as the “growing elements”)

We always suggest that you consider useability and versatility in the design and plants you choose. We often consult on this part of a design.


Hardscaping will include elements such as pathways and driveways, retaining walls, pavers, gazebos, pergolas, decks, and fences.

Water Features

Water features are a special part of a landscape design and installation that adds differential in the view. Offers a sense of tranquility or in the case of moving water, soothing sounds to help relax you in your private yard escape. They can even add a sense of drama and interest to a property, especially in the case of fountains or waterfalls.

Irrigation system installations are also offered as required when doing a new installation

Please note that we do not offer regular garden maintenace.